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Hee HawBobblersMa Me PaBovowElifaSpinnoEgg RattleDuby DuckCubbyMoeeBibboTrako TractorChip ChopPom Pom railRumbellory

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“Last week I ordered magic crate!! Awesome product!! My son loves it and enjoys the interesting activities. With the first activity of junior’s little designer, my son learnt about colour combinations and shapes. I could feel an increase in his thinking power and concentration. It’s kid-friendly too! I just read the instructions and my 4yr old son worked on it independently. I’m especially glad that my son is off TV and mobile games. Thanks to the magic crate designers!”

Bhagavathi Ayyappan


The eager wait for next one to arrive at our door, the surprise glee when it does, the quality time off gadgets together, the mindful learning with a dash of fun – that’s Magic Crate packaged awesomely for my girl and me. Do gift your child this experience of wonderment!

Vaishnavi Krishnamachari



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